Here in Singapore, we rely a lot on public transport. We take the train or bus to work, squeeze like sardines in a can to be punctual, and then endure the same crunch to go back home. And when you spend so much time in one place, you’re bound to develop bad habits.
Here are some of the worst things Singaporeans do on public transport. And don’t you blame it all on the foreigners, because a lot of these listed examples have our Singaporean DNA on it.
 1.       Hog empty seats – Sit 1 Get 1 Free
If you’re on the MRT train, it’s an inconsiderate person putting their handbag or shopping bags on the empty seat next to them. If you’re on a bus, then this same person is sitting on the aisle seat, steadfastly refusing to allow anyone to sit by the window. What’s with these selfish seat-hoggers?
2.       Poke you with bags – In case you don’t know I’m carrying a Chanel
Why do women like carrying large, pointy bags onto a rush hour train? Not only do they take up the standing room of one commuter, they also poke painfully into the backs of others. Do us a favour – carry a smaller bag, or a softer one!
3.       Crowd at the doorways – Because there’s a ghost at the back
This is legendary. A bus drive once shouted at the commuters crowding the front of the bus: “Eh, behind got ghost is it?” Needless to say, there truly must have been a ghost there, because no one moved in. This is a phenomenon only witnessed in Singapore; commuters prefer to get the breath crushed out of them by the doors, rather than move into the back of the train or the bus, where more space is available.
4.       Flick hair in your faces
Many long-haired ladies are guilty of this. Have you been on a crowded bus or train and gotten slapped in the face by long hair? God forbid, sometimes it’s even wet! Dry your hair and tie it up before getting onto public transport. Your fellow commuters will thank you.
5.       Make angry noises – As if anyone will do the dirty work for you
Have you encountered the ‘tsker’? The person who goes ‘TSK’ really loudly when jostled in the train, but refuses to speak up and confront the commuter they’re upset with? We have, and we say: speak up, or shut up; this train isn’t yours alone.
6.       Stick their legs out when seated – Just because they can
You already got a seat. Do you really need to stick your legs out and take up the standing room other commuters desperately need? Oh yes you obviously need to, because there’s a $10,000 cash prize awarded to the person who trips the most number of innocent passengers right? Be considerate!
7.       The “People’s” Elbow – Aunties’ Version
Aunties are guilty of this. Whether it’s to alight or disembark, they’ll be sure to stick their bony elbows into you just so they can be first on or off. It’s an obsession; we once got elbowed by an aunty exiting an empty train. Till this day, we still can’t figure out why.
8.       Dig their noses
And flick the ‘gold’ onto the floor. It’s like people think they become invisible while on public transport, so they stick their fingers, knuckle deep into their noses, and dig ferociously. Yes we know its “sibeh shiok”, but only in private can?
9.       Clip their nails – Whaat?

We’re not sure which is the grosser act – this, or the one above – but clipping your nails on public transport and dropping the clippings on the floor is like a shoutout for someone to slap you across the face. Didn’t your mother teach you anything?
10.   Sleep
And not just anywhere, but across four seats, across two, or even on the floor.